Huion Note A5 Size Smart Digital Notebook for Business, Office, Academics and Art with Scribo 2 (Brown)


[PREMIUM MATERIAL AND DESIGN]: Made of Premium PU Leather, the protective cover of Huion note is durable and skin friendly. Driven by simplicity and purity, Note seeks to create a product that is functional, slender and visually appealing

[WORKSPACE AND SIZE]: The smart digital notebook is small and portable of A5 size and comes with 50 sheets of paper which are replaceable. Additional pen tablet mode allows for brainstorming and drawing anytime. The working area of both PC mode and Mobile mode is 186.9X140.9mm

[3 MODE OF CONNECTIVITY]: Huion Note comes with three connectivity modes. With 5.0 Bluetooth, the BLUETOOTH MODE is indicated by Blue Light. The WIRED MODE is indicated by white light and the OFFLINE MODE is indicated by Green Light. NOTE: The lights will go out when the pen signal is detected.

[SCRIBO 2]: Huion Note is equipped with Scribo 2, The second generation of Scribo, a battery free digital pen adopting PenTech 3.0. The exterior case is made of polycarbonate with UV coating making it more wear-resistant and durable. Designed elegantly with black being the dominant colour and combined with gold on each end gives Scribo 2 more modern and sophisticated feel.

[HUION NOTE SOFTWARE AND APP]: With built-in Huion Note software and application, Huion Note has features like recording, replay function, time synced notes, re-editing feature and other multiple editing tools like Lasso, highlighters and more. This smart digital notebook supports merging and splitting of notes and allows sharing them in PDF, JPG, Video or special Huion note file format with one click.


[COMPATIBILITY]: Huion Note is compatible with Windows, MAC OS, Android, iOS and Harmony OS. It can be used as a pen tablet when connected to computer through a USB cable or Bluetooth.

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