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Brand Store: https://www.fiio.co.in

Brand Website: www.fiio.co.in

FiiO designs, produces and sells high-quality products at favorable prices to those who love music and style. Several products from FiiO have created record sales in their respective product segments; our portable headphone amplifiers, DACs and high-resolution digital audio players have all received praise from the majority of users. Official brand online website: www.fiio.co.in
Brand Store: www.redragon.in

Brand Website: www.redragon.in

Redragon is a manufacturer of unique high-quality products for gamers. The company specializes in research, development and manufacturing of gaming devices and accessories: keyboards, mice and mouse pads. Created in 2012 Redragon brand has already earned a great popularity among gamers all over the world: in Asia, USA and UK. Official brand online website: www.redragon.in
Brand Store: www.myclaw.in

Brand Website: www.myclaw.in

Consumer Lifestyle Accessories Worldwide (CLAW), Made in 2018 is an enterprise of Origin Marketing Pvt. Ltd. It aims at keeping consumer delight its priority whilst focusing on quality & durable devices. Official brand online website: www.myclaw.in
Brand Store: www.fifinemicrophone.in

Brand Website: www.fifinemicrophone.in

FIFINE MICROPHONE, a premium audio and microphone technology brand established in 2009. FIFINE MICROPHONE is never close to a simple microphone selling brand. It consists of Marketing, Sales, R&D, and QC departments. We utilize high quality, advanced audio technology to produce the very best in microphones, audio equipment and accessories. We got tired of settling for poor audio quality. We hustle day and night to keep pace with industrial advance, in order to strive for excellence that we can provide for you. Official brand online website: www.fifinemicrophone.in

Brand Store:HOMEDICS

Homedics has created, innovated and refined a remarkable line of personal wellness products to become the recognized #1 Brand in Massage. HoMedics SoundSpa White Noise/Portable Sound Sleep Machine for Home.
Shidu in India

Brand Store: Shidu

Shidu is a high-tech enterprise and one of the biggest manufacturers of portable voice amplifiers and Bluetooth Speakers.

Brand Store: Ruizu

Established in 2011, Ruizu is into designing and manufacturing of sports Mp3 Players and Bluetooth Headphones with an aim to latest technology excellence and easy-to-use products.

Brand Store: Hohem

HOHEM conscientious and practical in the stabilizer industry, has been deeply involved in the research and development of image stabilization technology. We insist on building user reputation with high-quality products. 

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HUION is a China-based drawing tablet brand founded on 12 March 2011 by Henry Xu. It provides drawing tablets, light pads, and pen displays, for beginners and professionals. Its products are compatible with Android, Windows and macOS, and can be used to create digital works, and photo editing.

Explore the Yaber products:

YABER Yaber is a world-famous entertainment projector brand founded by Vicent in 2018, dedicated to providing innovative entertainment projectors and creating perfect and immersive audio-visual experiences for everyone.
Currently, Yaber entertainment projectors are available in over 46 countries around the globe. Every year, nearly 1 million individuals and families enjoy the happiness that Yaber entertainment projectors create. 

Explore the Comica products:

CoMica has become one of the well-known brands after years of our effort and concentration, our products are sold worldwide covering Europe, North and South America, Middle East, Asia, etc. , and all products get CE, ROHS certifications with good evaluation.